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AudioCodes SBC: Advanced Interworking & Security

Join our SBC - Advanced Interworking & Security training class.
Students are expected to be active participants in the learning process. Emphasis is placed on diagnostic tools and troubleshooting strategies to help students become self-sufficient in their use and support of AudioCodes SBCs. On completion of the course, students will be able to:

Identify the concept and needs of Interworking
Have a deeper understanding of AudioCodes' SBC application for SIP normalization, media handling, message manipulation
Understand the SBC security risks and know how to prevent them

At the end of this course you will be examined and afterwards achieve the certification: ACP - Audiocodes Certified Professional.


Hands-on technical instruction covering advanced Manipulation, Media Handling and Security configuration as well as a high-level administration of AudioCodes Session Border Controllers (SBCs) for interoperability in a secured environment.
Routing: Hands-on technical instruction covering advanced Routing and Multitenancy configuration as well as a high level administration of AudioCodes Session Border Controllers (SBCs) for different routing needs.

AudioCodes SBC Series

4 days


The course includes an ACP (AudioCodes Certificate Professional) certification exam.


  • ACA Certification
  • 6 months of AudioCodes field experience with AudioCodes SBC products

The total cost for this course/certification is DKK 13.800 ex. VAT (including lunch every day).

When:   TBA

Where:  SEC DATCOM, Gydevang 17-19, DK3450 Allerød

Time:      9:00 – 17:00 CET

Course Outline

AudioCodes SBC Application Review

  • IP Interfaces
  • Physical Interfaces
  • Basic Entities: SRD, Media Realm, SIP Interface, IP Group and Proxy Set
  • SIP Dialog Initiation Process Description
  • Classification Process
  • IP Profile
  • IP-to-IP routing
  • SIP Message Manipulations
  • Entities and Tables Relations

Advanced SBC Interworking Features

  • IP Profile
  • Example of terminations for IP-PBX integration
  • Handling Modes
  • Handling of Early Media, REFER, 3xx and other messages

Advanced SBC Media Handling

  • SBC Media Handling Concepts
  • Extension and Allowed Coders
  • Media Handling Examples
  • Advanced Transcoding
  • Media Handling Security Features

Quality of Experience (QoE) Related Profiles

  • QoE Profile
  • Bandwidth Profiles
  • Media Subnets
  • Performance Profiles
  • Quality of Service (QoS) Rules

SBC Message Manipulation

  • Number Manipulations
  • Reasons for Message Manipulation
  • Message Manipulation Operation
  • Message Normalization
  • Regular Expressions (Regex) Based Message Manipulation


Advanced SBC Security

  • Enterprise Security Threats
  • AudioCodes SBC Security Capabilities
  • Separation
  • Topology Hiding
  • Secured SIP using TLS
  • TLS Contexts and Certificates
  • Authentication
  • Classification table
  • Call Admission Control Profiles
  • IDs
  • Registration
  • Message Policies
  • Routing
  • Events Logging

SBC Access

  • Access using HTTPS
  • Access using Telnet-SSH
  • Access using LDAP
  • Access using SNMP